Living on Top of the Times: Buying a Condominium in Berlin

For locals, it’s the most natural thing in the world to live in Berlin, Germany’s largest city, whereas for others it is a place of dreams. Few other cities have seen as many changes as Berlin, where periods of splendour have been followed by dark times and vice versa. But people from everywhere have been drawn here at all times, some just to visit and some for good.

What attracts people to the city above all is its vibrancy and diversity, be it in a cultural or culinary sense, whether by day or by night. Germany’s old new capital has something to offer for every taste. Each of Berlin’s twelve boroughs has its very own character and is favoured by distinct age groups. Students and young career starters, for instance, gravitate toward popular inner-city districts like Kreuzberg. Young families, by contrast, tend to fancy Prenzlauer Berg as their home district or else the green areas on the city’s periphery.

Not least, Berlin is considered the greenest metropolis in Europe. With over 30 percent of its territory taken up by parks and green spaces, it is easy to see why. Roughly 2,500 green spots and recreational areas provide opportunities to take a breather from the bustle of city life. They are complemented by countless lakes, ponds and waterways in and around Berlin, enhancing the urban liveability. Outdoor recreation is supplemented by an inexhaustible spectrum of museums and galleries, theatres and cinemas. Everybody young and old will always find plenty to do, especially in the summertime when open-air events and festivals fill squares and streets with life and let you experience the joie de vivre that people love about Berlin. You, too, will learn to love it and may never want to leave again.

Living in Berlin: Vibrant, International, Modern

Unsurprisingly, Berlin’s twelve boroughs are as different as the city’s residents in general. Green and bourgeois Steglitz-Zehlendorf contrasts with motley and creative Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, whereas Berlin-Mitte has both a history-steeped and a modern-prestigious side, and somewhere in the city everyone will find the perfect neighbourhood for them.

The cultural and creative industries count among the city’s leading economic sectors, the same being true for tourism. Other sectors that drive Berlin’s economic output include biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry as well as IT and communications technology. As a renowned campus and research hub, the city attracts a growing number of experts to the region.

The constant inflow of new residents to Berlin, the city’s economic boom, the steady drop in unemployment rate, and an excellent transportation infrastructure are all factors defining its housing market, generating a permanently strong demand for accommodation, especially in the inner-city districts. So the brisk increase in average asking prices per square metre for condominiums is perfectly plausible—and amounted to a mean growth rate of 9.6 percent last year. For the time being, living in Berlin remains comparatively affordable, although the rent and price levels are beginning to catch up with the other metropolises of Europe.

If you intend to acquire a condominium in this popular city, you will be making a sustainable investment in your own future, characterised by stability of value. Go ahead and take advantage of the dynamic of this loveable city!

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